If you play Gwent/The Witcher, you probably know the dashing vampire known as Regis

You may learn more about his story now thanks to Regis Journey Story

Even if you don't, vampires are awesome, right?

It brings together all 12 chapters of his story!

This is the title of an article published this week on Gwent's official website

If you are still not convinced that this is worth your time, here are some parts of the story:

He tried to get up, but his shattered leg refused to obey. Blood oozed from a gash in his chest. His fingerless hand throbbed incessantly.

Regis looked at the sergeant beside him, envious.

Sorensen sighed. He hopped off the trunk and slid the dagger under his belt.

‘But I am a witcher.’

‘And you will come up with something.’ She paused. ‘Correct?’

The vampire smiled through pursed lips.

 ‘Temerian soldiers understand they must not deprive you of your belongings,

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